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What is the SAT Gangnam System?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Find the correct answer by using the multiple choices? Without even reading the passages? How can it possibly work? What is this? A shady con game or cheating methods? Or only for smart guys? Why can’t I improve my reading score? I was always leery of all those prep books that offer the most sophisticated answer explanation and say “Trust this book. It will improve your scores!”

I admire all those prep books securitizing the passages with brain surgery precision.

However, it is absolutely impossible to think and solve the Reading questions like that. Absolutely nobody, including the writers of those books, could do such a miracle under the time limit!

In reality, students, during the process of solving each question, must read the same lines, the same five difficult passages over and over, and read the 52 questions and 208 multiple choices several times to find the best answers within 65 minutes.

Having practiced 1,000 times with other prep books’ brain-surgery-level explanations, guessing is what you actually do while taking the real test! This—Gangnam System—radically improves that guessing!

It’s not a cheating method. It really works! And it’s for everyone! It’s the only method that

understand the REAL SAT schemes that can dramatically improve your scores through legitimate ways.

To prove it, the entire tests in this Gangnam System use the genuine College Board SAT tests.

Back in 2000, I was invited to teach a bunch of intellectually gifted students in south of Gangnam, South Korea, where one of the students was an unbelievable genius. He was so much faster and accurate than any other boys and girls in the class. He spent only 1-5 seconds on Reading section while other were struggling with the same thing over a minute.

Because I used a very old GRE and GMAT test for the SAT class, he had zero chance to have studied with the identical questions. I nervously asked him “How did you do it?” He said, “I can feel the right one by looking at the multiple choices.”

I could do little but jealously smiled and shrugged my shoulders at my student. So, possessed with a love (probably hate) feeling by this overdeveloped brain who was stealing my show, I did my best to ignore him. Everyone was more interested in his method than mine. Aren’t all the rest the better human beings taking every single question seriously after all?

Over 20 years later, now I’ve realized his method must work for everyone as long as the College Board applies the same old system that have been applied for over 40 years.

If we correctly understand the SAT system, and if the College Board maintains the standardized testing methods, his skills can be for everyone! Everyone can achieve dramatic scores by simply looking at the choices as exactly as he did!

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