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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Reading Section

Question 1. Which of the following would probably be the best response made by the author of the passage 2 to the psychologist in lines 12-18, in passage 1?

Step 1: Identify the question pattern

Step 2: Isolate the reading scope (Do not read yet)

Step 3: Compare the multiple choices

Step 1: Identify the question pattern.

This question is the relationship question. Refer to the Absolute Pattern 9 Relationship Question.

Step 2: Isolate the reading scope. (Do not read it yet)

“Psychologist” implies that this is the example. The central claim of the author is not in the example sentence. The answer is located right above or below the example sentence.

Step 3: Compare the multiple choices.

Think whether the tone is positive or negative, active or passive, the major issue or minor issue, contradicting or consenting to the passage, irrelevant information or new information.

a) psychology- the Generalization (x)

b) negative tone-while the passage is neutral (x)

c) psychologist-rephrase of the example (x)

d) answer-the neutral and central claim (o)

The incorrect choices A), B), and C) should be screened out before reading the passage for the answer.

Writing Section

Step 1: Start reading the College Board official test 1 analysis. Crucial is following the directions. Every question analysis states: “Do not read the passage” Now, just look at the 3 multiple choices—because we can’t read A) No Change. Scan the multiple choices and take a wild guess for what type of question SAT asks here.”

Step 2: Repeat the same process using the practice tests 1-9 that cover the almost all the SAT patterns officially available.

Step 3: If you need more practice, work with absolute pattern writing practice tests. That manual is created based on the College Board old tests from 1980s to the present. Not a single question can escape the patterns introduced in this manual.

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