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AP Literature 2024

AP Literature and Composition is an advanced placement course and exam that emphasizes the critical analysis of literature and the development of strong writing skills.

AP Literature 2024
AP Literature 2024

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Date and time is TBD

Online Class

About the event

The AP Literature and Composition exam consists of three parts:

  1. Multiple-Choice Questions: This section includes around 55 multiple-choice questions, and you have 1 hour to complete it. These questions assess your ability to analyze literary passages and understand literary concepts.
  2. Poetry Analysis Essay: You have 1 hour to write an essay that analyzes a given poem for its literary devices, themes, and meaning.
  3. Prose Analysis Essay: In this essay, you'll have 1 hour to analyze a given passage from a work of prose fiction, explaining the author's choices and their impact.

To excel in the AP Literature and Composition exam, focus on close reading and the analysis of literary devices and themes. Practice your essay-writing skills, as strong essays are crucial for success. Pay attention to time management during the exam, as it's essential to complete all sections within the allocated time. Stay updated with the literature you're studying in your course and be prepared to analyze a variety of texts, including poetry and prose.


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